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The Good News and the People Making it Happen

June is a very busy time for all, and we are no exception! But I like to say “good busy, busy good” because business is “good” when we are “good busy.”

So, as I make the extra effort to be involved and be at everything I think MOR MEDIA should attend, I am encouraged to see others who make the extra effort to get involved to better their communities. From Earth Day clean-up to the NEA 1K for Habitat for Humanities, efforts are made by those who believe and “DO” instead of complain and say, “I’m not doing that.”

As I looked around at the new NEA 1K event I was extremely proud to see Paragould and Jonesboro come together and raise money for the newly merged NEA Habitat for Humanities. I beamed with more pride when I looked around and saw so many of our featured 30 Under 40 honorees doing what they are honored for -- contributing to the betterment of their communities!

When I was in that bracket – I know, you are surprised I’m over 40, right? -- I remember thinking I’m never going to be that older nay-saying person it seemed I came up against every time I thought I had a great idea. From “that’s not how we have done it” to “that can’t be done here,” I’m pretty sure I could list you at least five that have been accomplished in NEA because my under 40 group didn’t just complain — we worked and came up with pathways to make things happen … usually not as quickly as we would like but I see the work paying off now and I know these under 40 movers and shakers will keep working and will see the progress they created over time.

We all owe them, at the very least, encouragement, and I hope we offer them that and a hand up at any opportunity we can.

Thank you for helping MOR MEDIA, Inc. continue to bring the Good News and the People Making it Happen!”


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