Premiere Magazine - April 2021
Premiere Magazine - April 2021 Home and Garden

The Good News and the People Making it Happen

Volunteer work has certainly looked much different over the past year, but its necessity has not ceased, and those willing to work toward what they want to see have not quit.

 April is National Volunteer Month and in celebration, we are delighted to share stories of those who give freely and graciously of their time to improve our community.  

 Both Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists pop up frequently – because they show up physically to serve so many places in NEA. Plants and parks are a recurring theme as we enter into spring. We hope these stories highlight both mature minds and young hands, leaders and groups, individuals and organizations.  

 Volunteers are essential to providing beautiful and clean spaces in our community, and to making opportunities more widely available for all. We aim to provide both inspiration and resources in these pages. For more information on volunteer opportunities across the area, visit our sister publication, for a list of ideas on how you can give back to NEA.  

 This April issue also features a special Home & Garden Section that includes stories on everything from buying and/or selling a home to designing it perfectly to suit your style and needs inside and out. We consulted the experts, of course. 

 We hope your April is full of sunshine and that any rain is followed by flowers. Thank you for supporting NEA’s good news and HAPPY SPRING!

- Lindsey Spencer, Content Manager


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Northeast Arkansas' Community Magazine

We look for stories about people serving their community in both big and small ways in hopes that these stories inspire others to do good, too. We also cover local events and share information about upcoming opportunities. We include stories from Paragould, Jonesboro, and surrounding areas.
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