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The Good News and the People Making it Happen

Pets are amazing, aren’t they? No matter how many times we might get frustrated with their mistakes or angry with their antics, their soft eyes and innocent faces draw us in time and time again.

A few weeks ago, after a celebration at my house, I had left some boxed up cupcakes and brownies on the tallest counter. The next day my husband and I returned home after an evening with friends and as he entered the kitchen I heard him say, “Well that’s not good.”

Apparently the younger of our two dogs had leapt ALL FOURS onto the counter in order to consume all three boxes of the remaining treats from Something Sweet.

I stomped off to find the culprit (already knowing who was to blame) and she made it all the more obvious: in the closet, behind my clothes, ears pinned back and eyes that said, “Mom, I’m so SO sorry.”

I melted on the spot, trying to hide my smile while scolding her.

Later, she would ease herself onto the bed, gently lie down beside me and place her head in my lap – ears still pinned back to her head. I would avoid eye contact.

This is not the first of her misbehavior and it won’t be the last – but something about her still screams innocence.

Pets, it’s easy to tell by looking at them, want desperately to please us. They look at us like we’ve hung the moon and no matter what kind of anger or frustration they might sense from us, they still ooze love and affection. No matter who we are or what we do, they are willing to show us unconditional love (though not, perhaps, perfect behavior).

Pets have a sense of adventure, a loyalty to their pack, and they know nothing of hate – only of love.

Here’s to our pets; may we try to be more like them.

-Lindsey Spencer, Manager of Creative Content


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