Premiere Magazine - May 2021
Premiere Magazine - May 2021 Premiere Awards

The Good News and the People Making it Happen

Award season is here! This May edition of Premiere features the Jonesboro Premiere Awards and similar to any hectic season, I am quite ready to take a breather before pressing on to the Paragould Premiere Awards. As I “rest” and look back through these pages one more time, I am amazed: what an amazing community.

Thank you, Northeast Arkansas, for continuing to support the good news. We are so very proud to publish this magazine each and every month, but something about the summer months is extra special. Perhaps it’s seeing each and every vote stream in, witnessing the support of community members as they take the time to submit their favorite businesses for awards.

Maybe it’s each ad sale – admiring that these businesses are so grateful for their customers and want to tell them that. Or maybe it’s just that the sun is shining a little brighter, a little warmer and when we deliver these magazines, we get to see the faces of business owners and employees light up. Each time I hear someone say, “Oh it’s here!” or “It looks so good!” my heart swells with pride not just for my team who made it happen, but for this community that continues to make good news happen.

This edition features stories to honor National Foster Care Month, a story to honor moms and the American Cancer Society, and a teen who felt inspired, inspired us, and we believe will inspire many others.

We hope you read and feel as proud of this community as we do.

- Lindsey Spencer, Manager of Content Manager


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Northeast Arkansas' Community Magazine

We look for stories about people serving their community in both big and small ways in hopes that these stories inspire others to do good, too. We also cover local events and share information about upcoming opportunities. We include stories from Paragould, Jonesboro, and surrounding areas.
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